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Internet Casinos


διαδικτυακό στοίχημα τζόγος

The adoption of the Gambling Act 2011 meant that foreign operators became eligible to be licensed in Greece. Due to a 30% tax rate applicable only to foreign operators, and a lack of clear procedures, these companies did not rush to open shop in Greece, but sued the country instead. Following an unfavorable EU decision in 2013 the government is looking at changing those rules.
Greece's stance on online gambling is extremely strict. In 2002 the government actually enacted a ban on all forms of electronic games. This was part of an attempt to prevent people from gambling online at internet cafes. The law has relaxed since then, but games of any kind, even games like chess and checkers, are not permitted in internet cafes.
The Gambling Act 2011 authorizes online gambling in theory, but no implementation has ever started. Meanwhile, the blacklisting and ISP blocking of some operators has upset the industry. Similarly, the extension of OPAP’s monopoly to the internet until 2020 for sports betting and 2030 for casino gaming left the industry no choice but to turn to the EU.
Following a ruling by the European Court of Justice, the Greek government will have to revise its policies. Until that happens Greeks must rely on foreign websites to gamble online. To avoid public exposure, internet gambling is best done from home, where it remains quite safe and hassle-free. A number of large international internet gambling sites accept Greek players, and many even offer their services in the Greek language.
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