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Conferences & Events


At a time when every business operation comes under the microscope of the cost / benefit, corporate events, product presentations and conferences are treated as very expensive corporate feasts. Or what many call, the "Corporate Paganism ".

Many sales managers and marketing directors wonder how a presentation can result in increased sales and so the concept of profit is disconnected from these events. Despite that, the integrity of these events (technical, creativity) is from minimal to non-existent. It is customary at this point to say that "there are exceptions", but say no more until you attend one of our events.

The worst thing is that this situation has been consolitaded and thenew generation of marketers is being taught that this is the way to go. While most technical and organization issues are being sufficiently solved in concerts, theatres and night clubs, in every corporate event we have recently attended sound was unacceptable, projection quality was horrible and lighting effects where there just to add a few thousand euros to the cost.

You might think that we exaggerate. You might think that this happens everywhere and perhaps we are just looking for deficiencies. Perhaps it is coincidental. Perhaps...

What we would like to say is that it is probably time to revisit the event issues from the beginning. Because even when the result is not of high quality, cost is.

We can provide advisory services to organize the perfect event, the perfect conference. PFG SA collaborates only with professionals and we have qualified experts since we are in an industry that has based a significant part of its revenue in events and high level conferences.

We know what you need. Don't hesitate to ask for our help. Send us an email, describe in a few words your desired event or conference and you will immediately have our best event planners at your service!

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